Wedding Flowers – Top ten tips for choosing your wedding florist

Posted on July 27, 2016 by Daizy


Flowers express your style and can make your wedding day complete, adding scent , ambience and colour to your celebrations.  But where do you start?  With a really good wedding florist of course!  There are lots of really good florists, and here are our top ten tips for helping you to find one.


  1. Choose a florist that will give you a free consultation of at least an hour to discuss your ideas for your wedding flowers and is happy to organise this out of normal working hours if necessary.
  2. Take pictures or web references of your bridal gown and bridesmaids dresse with you. This will help the florist to  understand your style and suggest a bridal bouquet to complement that fabulous dress.  You do not want to mask exquisite and expensive detail on your bridal gown with a huge bouquet!
  3. Swatches are useful for your bridesmaids dresses if you would like to match the colour to the flowers/ribbon. It is much easier if you can remember to ask for these when you first place the order for your dress and you will need them to match other things too.
  4. Wedding florists will buy to order for a special event and not use any existing stock of flowers, conditioning flowers for 24 hours before use to ensure they are at their best.
  5. If you are seeing more than one florist before making a decision, do not show the quote from another florist to them. They will just quote against the price.Find out if they have any original ideas that suit your taste and get a real feel for their understanding of your style.  Remember a cheaper price you could be mean less flower content and the result may not be the same.  Value for money is better than the cheapest. You get what you pay for!
  6. Do not be afraid to discuss budget with your florist.  If you have a fixed amount in mind you should mention this early  so the florist can advise whether they can provide chosen designs within your budget.  They should be happy to discuss alternatives.
  7. Look at the resources available.  Do they have a well-equipped workshop and a selection of containers and sundries to hire?  Do they have sufficient skill, staff and experience?  How many weddings do they take on in one day?  If more than one do they have sufficient staff to cope?
  8. Do they give a guarantee of quality or are they happy for you to talk to previous brides they have helped?  Are there any testamonials on independent sites such as Freeindex where customers submit their reviews direct?
  9. Are their terms and costs clearly explained?  Is their price inclusive of VAT, delivery, hire of containers, collection and any set up costs?  Check  when the deposit and final balance is due.
  10. Lastly do you feel comfortable with the florist and happy with the options they have given you? Then book the date -  good wedding florists get booked up early and are constantly seeing new brides and  Popular dates disappear fast.
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